When visiting here at RealFreeSpin.com you will only ever get real freespins without wagering and cash-bonuses with the lowest requirements available. Nothing is free, but we are damn close!

Although, some casinos that do offer real spins have some really strange T&C’s stating that you’re only allowed to withdraw X-amount of money from your winnings. And we will address all of this in sections further down on this page, you can click HERE to jump straight to it.

Firstly, we’d like to talk about “normal” casino bonuses and wagering.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering casino bonuses is part of the online casino market and must be accomplished according to the casinos own T&C’s. There are many rules and while most casinos use different rules there are a few important points we can boil it down to. It is this part about casinos that no one really wants to talk about – casinos and guides alike.

Imagine being able to receive a bonus without having to wager anything. How will the casino make money? Purely on your losses? No. The house always wins, that is the basic rule when it comes to gambling. The business needs to make a profit in order to stay open and running. And to make a bigger profit the gaming sites have skewed the rules in their favour.

You don’t really every get “free money”, there’s no such thing. The bonus you receive is tied to terms and conditions that are vaguely written but still meets the legal requirements.
Wagering requirements is what makes a gambling site go around. If you think they give you free money (we dearly hope that such stupid people don’t exist) you should really reconsider. We live in a capitalistic and opportunistic society and casinos online aren’t any different.

But we all love gambling, there’s no hiding it. We have gambled for several thousands of years and it is undoubtedly ingrained in our society. But the business must survive and applying wagering requirements is how casinos make a large amount of their overall profits.

It’s basically set up like this: “We give you extra money to play for. In turn, you enter into an agreement to play at our site for a value X times amount of the money that we gave you.”

This agreement will render your winnings redundant more often than not. The wagering requirements differ from one casino to another, but it is easy to figure out what the average is. We who have worked with this for a very long time and been in the industry for a long time have had plenty of time to look through it all and categorize the sites.

It is important to read the T&C’s for the bonus that you’re about to receive. Sometimes you’ll have to wager the bonus money only while other times you’ll have to wager your own deposit along with the bonus money as well. This is why wagering requirements differ so much. In addition to this, some casinos are more generous than others. And I presume that’s why you’ve come to this site – to find out which online casinos are actually providing the best Terms and Conditions for you.

Common wagering requirements for casino

Some casinos will have you wager the amounts of both your own deposit and the bonus money. In a case like this you may be required to wager X times the deposited cash plus the bonus money. Let’s use an easy example:
You deposit €100 and receive 100 precent bonus to a wagering requirement of 35X (giving you a total of €200 to play for). In this scenario you’ll have to bet €7 000 before you can withdraw any of your winnings. This is a very standard example and you’ll find it applicable to a lot, a lot, a lot of casinos.

Other sites will have you wagering the bonus money only. This is obviously more advantageous for us as players. Some sites will try to confuse us and use different requirements for bonus money and deposited money (when utilizing a bonus). It can be quite a hassle, so reading through the T&C’s is always important weather it is a weekly bonus for active players or a welcome bonus.

The same applies to free spins. Your winnings are turned into bonus money which you mush wager before
you’re allowed to withdraw any remaining money. Usually the wagering requirements are the same as for cash bonuses.
It isn’t difficult or time consuming to find out what the requirements are. Just hold your “ctrl” key on your keyboard (“Command” key for Mac users) and press the “F” key to activate a search function. This allows you to search through the content of the page and quickly find “wagering requirements”.

But be warned – some casinos will change the words in their T&C’s to make this difficult for you. The important and well known word “wagering” can be changed to “you have to play for”, “play through”, or something similar.

Deviating T&C’s for Fair Casino Bonuses

Some casinos that do offer freespins with no wagering have been so cheeky that they bake in other restrictions instead of wagering. By doing so they reckon they can get around the issue, which they really aren’t. It is still better, though, to “only” be able to withdraw s certain amount than having to wager your winnings 40 times.

But, of course, this isn’t something that has slipped us by. On the contrary, we highlight this information as well. All for you to be able to make a fully informed decision.

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