Alright mate, this year 2016 has pretty much come to an end. Today, Friday the 30th of December, is the last week-day of this year. That makes this article the last one of this year as well.

I know, we’re barely up and running yet and this might also be our very first real article, but we are excited none the less. Today we are summarizing the casino year 2016 and looking back to realize the biggest wins this year.

Winner stories are always fun and we had a lot of laughs putting this list together. But where other casino guides are biased and will only report these wins when they occur on one of their casinos which they’re working with, we report the entire story – regardless of where the win was won.

As usual here on we are aiming to provide you with value for your money and time. We will highlight each bit of information that is important for you to make an educated and informed decision when you decide where to play. You will find this information in all of our reviews, so are you ever in doubt – just check in here!

The biggest wins at online casinos 2016Microgaming casinos online

We’ll start of by mentioning the clear champion among slots this year – Mega Moolah by Microgaming.

During 2016 Mega Moolah paid out roughly €63.5 million with its’ 6 jackpot pay-outs this year. That makes an average of €10.6 million every 60 days. Super easy to deduct the pattern eh?

Monday the 01st of February – €6.4 million.
Friday the 8th of April – €12.1 million.
Friday the 17th of June – €11.7 million.
Sunday 28th of August – €13.5 million.
Saturday 5th of November – €13.5 million.
Wednesday 16th of November – €6.5 million.

They’re certainly not small wins by any measurement and the jackpot is presently back up at €7.7 million. Time to start chasing the jackpot?

Jackpots on NetEnt slotsNetEnt casinos online

The classical and ever so popular progressive jackpot slot from NetEnt, Mega Fortune, has always been among the biggest jackpots around. This year, however, has been a bit bleak.

Mega Fortune online slot has paid out roughly €25.1 million thanks to the 6 wins during 2016. That makes an average jackpot of €4.18 million being paid out ever y60 days. We’re happy to announce that many of these wins were won playing on the mobile casino. We know for a fact that the very latest win of €7.7 million, which occurred only a few days before Christmas, was won playing Mega Fortune Touch. The bet was merely €1.25! Incredible…

The other NetEnt favourite, Hall of Gods, had a terrible year and only paid out twice. A total sum of €9 million is nothing to brag about, we’re hoping that 2017 will be a better year for this classic.

Other jackpots

Playtech has got their Jackpot Giants which, in January this year, paid out €5.89 million with its’ first every big payout. The Jackpot Giants progressive jackpot has risen back up to some €4 million again and should be about ready to pop.

Swedish Yggdrasil launched Joker Millions quite recently and only 2 days before Christmas it paid out its’ biggest win ever – a whopping €3.3 million.guts casino online

These titles are scattered throughout the online casinos and it is very rare, if not completely unheard of, to find all these titles under one roof. Many casinos have brought in 3 or 4 of these titles though. One of them is Guts Gaming. You’ll find the biggest jackpots and real free spins and other great casino bonuses.