Best high RTP online video slots

We have compiled the best possible list of high RTP online video slots and through investigation we have determined what the best choice of games from a variety of providers are and where to play them.

High RTP is an important factor to take into consideration before choosing which video slots you decide to play, although it is not the only determining factor in what makes a slot payout high, it is definitely one of the more important ones to consider. The reason for this being that it simply represents the percentage of average payouts made to a player when spinning, although the percentage is based on payouts made to all players playing the slot, and is not an individual percentage based on one specific player’s journey.

So, obviously as a player you will want to look for a video slot which has a good combination of fruitful bonuses as well as a high RTP. Take a look at our compilation of high RTP online video slots as listed below, where you will find an array of approved video slots with a massive RTP percentage.

What is RTP and why is a high RTP important?

When you get down to brass tax, the importance of a high RTP is somewhat disputed among players, however this is generally only due to the initial confusion when the abbreviation of the word “return to player” gets involved.

An example of this would for instance be a video slot with an RTP of 96.6%. At first glance you would assume that when playing this video slot you could expect a return of 96.6% of all the money you play during that session, when in fact you are susceptible to losing everything and not winning anything at all, or winning a percentage which is much higher than the 96.6% presented above. The figure only represents a general return percentage based on all player activity, not on one individual players’ contributions.

Therefore, you are definitely still better off going for an online video slots with a high RTP value as opposed to sticking with slots with a low value, as even though it is not the sole determining factor of winnings it definitely contributes to a higher general return for a player when compared to lower RTP slots.

High RTP slots online

So, the question still remains, where can I play high RTP slots online while also finding an entertaining game with exciting bonus features? We have compiled a list of online video slots solely based on their high RTP all the while ensuring the games are in fact entertaining and engaging to the player.

In reality, there are only a number of game providers that provide video slots with an RTP in the 99% region, most of them are provided by the highly established and widely appreciated game provider – Playtech.

Although there are two more providers who also have online video slots which have an RTP of such a substantial amount, these being WMS and Barcrest.

Play our top 6 slots with high RTP values!

Without further a due, we have compiled a selection of video slots with exceptionally high RTP values for you, review the online video slots mentioned below to find your next favourite one-armed bandit and get stuck in to some winnings for real.

Play Goblin’s Cave online slot for free

Jump into the Goblin’s Cave and see what treasure the little cretins have left lying about! In this online slot, you will be taking advantage of creative gameplay while enjoying an absolutely massive RTP value of 99.3%, giving you ample opportunity to get a high return of investment while enjoying the quirky lives that these little goblins live!

When you play Goblin’s Cave online, you will also be able to trigger a bonus feature which will allow you to choose from different chests to reveal the big prize hiding under one of the chest symbols, you can also hold different symbols when spinning should you manage to hit a more valuable symbol to make a big winning combination.

Play Ugga Bugga online slot for free

When playing the Ugga Bugga slot online, you will get to see how an African tribal theme melds into an online video slot, resulting in an interesting theme that will likely have you stuck to your screens for hours!

You are also presented with the option to of holding not one, but three of the symbols to allow for a bigger combination of wins. In the Ugga Bugga online video slot you will also enjoy a 99.1% RTP, although keep in mind that due to the game being of an old school nature, there is a lack of in game bonus features.

Play Ocean Princess online slot for free

Dive into the deep with this title from Playtech, where you will get to take advantage of a 99.1% RTP while exploring the deep blue sea and letting yourself be lured by the sea maiden’s fabled song. In terms of game features, Playtech have decided to adopt the exact same game features as implemented in to the Ugga Bugga video slot above.

Play Nemo’s Voyage online slot for free

When playing Nemo’s Voyage online, you will be subject to a fantastic underwater theme while also attempting to land the online slots many wild symbols to combine a high winning sequence of symbols. In this online slot offered from WMS, you will be able to earn money with an RTP of 99%.

The wilds offered in Nemo’s Voyage include a x2 and x3 wild, stacked wild symbols, wild reels and pressurized wild symbols which trigger after a pre-determined amount of spins.

Play Ohh Ahh Dracula online slot for free

When playing this spooky online slot from Barcrest, you will be able to enjoy a 99% RTP all the while triggering an array of bonus features with a variety of functions, giving you a great combination of a high RTP as well as advanced game features that can trigger a higher winning combination.