For many people who want to get into the world of online casinos, one of the more daunting prospects is depositing money into their Internet casino accounts. New players often wonder what options are available to them, whether it is safe to share their financial information, or if there are any common issues with gambling deposits that they need to watch out for.

The good news is that depositing money at an online casino isn’t much different than buying something from a website or any other online transaction you might be familiar with. While your options will vary depending on what is available to you and where you live, there are always ways for most people to get money into their casino accounts safely and securely without hassle.

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Credit Cards and Debit Cards

When making purchases online, credit and debit cards are probably the most popular payment option in the world today. It’s only natural, then, that they are also widely used at online casino sites as a deposit method.

When it comes to brand names, both Visa and MasterCard are widely used throughout the online gambling industry as deposit options. You will also see some sites that accept deposits through American Express, Maestro, or other cards, though they are less common.

The main issue when depositing using a credit or debit card is whether the transaction will be accepted. Visa and MasterCard-branded cards are issued by thousands of banks worldwide, and those banks vary in their policies on how they handle gambling transactions. That means that one card may not be accepted at a certain website, but another one will, or the first card may be accepted at other casinos.

This is an issue throughout the world, but particularly in the United States, where acceptance rates can be quite low even at regulated sites in states like New Jersey, as banks (and the online gambling industry) have struggled to figure out an effective system for categorizing gambling transactions. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a credit or debit card, but it does mean that it sometimes takes a bit of experimentation before finding a card/site combination that works.

E-Wallet Products

Another popular way to move money around the Internet is the use of e-wallet sites, places where you can store money in an account that can then be spent online or transferred to your bank account. These sites offer a convenient way to spend money on the Internet without constantly making withdrawals from your bank account, making them popular in e-commerce as well as in the online gambling industry.

Perhaps the best known e-wallet in the world is PayPal, which is used for payment processing by countless websites around the globe. You might be surprised to find that PayPal isn’t the leader when it comes to processing gambling deposits, however: PayPal will only allow its services to be used by licensed websites in jurisdictions where they are regulated, meaning that many sites cannot take advantage of their services.

However, there are other e-wallets out there that offer similar options for a much wider variety of gaming sites. Neteller and Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) are two of the most famous ones: Neteller was once basically the only name in gambling-related e-wallets, while Skrill has popularity both inside and outside the online casino world.

Banking Account Options

It is also possible to use your existing bank account to fund an online gambling account. A number of different ways exist to do this: in many cases you can initiate a wire transfer from your bank, or use an “e-check” to deposit funds in your casino account.

Another possibility is the use of an online banking system to make the deposit. These quick and convenient deposit methods use services designed to facilitate transfers directly from the website of an online casino or another merchant, pulling the funds directly from your authorized bank account. These services are often regional in scope: for instance, POLi Payments (also known as PoliPay) is one such online banking product used in Australia and New Zealand.

Popular payment methods for online casino:


Skrill is a user-friendly system which enables customers to send and receive money online. Known as Moneybookers until 2013, Skrill provides a number of services making it simple to deposit and request withdrawals at online casinos. The e-wallet allows you to securely send and receive money from your bank account to online casinos or retailers, with Skrill handling the transaction so that you don’t have to give your bank details to the casino you’re playing at. You can also transfer funds to and from other people all over the world. Additionally, Skrill provides the option of a prepaid card, linked to your account, which can be used like a debit card to make payments or even withdraw cash from ATMs.

Skrill has a very simple sign-up procedure, and accounts can be held in any major currency. The currency can’t be changed after the first transaction, so make sure to choose the right one during the sign-up process! It is accepted in more than 200 countries, although US players can’t use their account for online gambling purposes.

Uploading funds to your account, paying at a store or transferring money to online casinos is usually free. Fees are charged in some cases, for example when withdrawing money from an ATM, sending money online and for currency conversions, but these are generally fairly low. Frequent users can benefit from some special features including the Skrill VIP scheme which entitles customers to lower fees, higher transfer limits and even accounts in more than one currency.

When it comes to security, if you play at a casino which accepts Skrill, you can rest assured that Skrill is regulated by the FSA in the UK, and approved by VeriSign.


At one time, NETELLER was processing payments for 80% of the world’s gambling merchants, providing the vast majority of their profits. Although the company has since undergone some diversification, NETELLER remains one of the most favoured online payment systems for people who play on online casinos.

NETELLER offer fast, secure services and excellent customer support is available 24/7. NETELLER provide an e-wallet, ensuring players can make deposits and withdraw winnings without revealing their bank details directly, as well as allowing users to transfer money online. The account includes a prepaid debit card which has the advantage of letting users access their funds within an hour from an ATM.

NETELLER has a straightforward sign-up process, and for security purposes customers will have to provide an identity document and a photograph taken on webcam. Accounts are available in 26 major currencies, and all major online casinos accept it. Some sites even consider NETELLER to be a preferred payment option.

As always, some fees apply when making transactions with NETELLER, but the account itself is free, as are payments and transfers – including deposits to online casinos. Deposits and transfers to your account may be charged a fee depending on the origin. Be aware that if your account is inactive for more than 14 months, you will be liable to pay an admin fee of up to the equivalent of $30.

There are a few restrictions to who can use NETELLER’s services. Currently, US customers are not accepted, and some countries – including Canada, Hong Kong and Turkey – will not allow users to make payments to gambling merchants.

A VIP service is available for frequent users, with bonuses such as lower fees and multiple currency accounts. NETELLER also offers state-of-the art security, so you can play online casino games with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your money is in safe hands.


Trustly is a direct online banking provider, licensed and regulated by the Swedish FSA. Formerly known as InstaBank, this is not an e-wallet like Skrill but transfers money directly to or from your bank account via a secure online payment. Online casinos which accept Trustly will feature an icon (either Trustly or InstaBank) where players can select their bank and make a payment or withdrawal by completing the form and following the instructions on the screen.

Trustly enables customers to make instant transfers, whilst providing total security and anonymity. The platform covers a network of European banks, and is used by around 50 million clients. If you bank with one of those included in the network, money transfers will be instant. For other banks, you can still use Trustly, but payments may take 1-3 days to process. Deposit and withdrawal fees and limits depend on both the bank used and the online casino itself.

Although there will always be a fee applied to deposits and withdrawals when playing casino games online, many players prefer Trustly because there is no need to set up a separate account and the payments are totally secure. Another big advantage is that Trustly supports mobile devices, which is great for the ever-increasing number of players who would rather play at a mobile casino.


PaysafeCard is a payment option that many players may prefer as it eliminates any need to share your bank details online, and is thus arguably the most secure method of depositing money when playing in a casino online. Users need to purchase a card in varying denominations depending on the currency used – for example when using euros the available denominations are €10, €25, €50 or €100. Cards can be obtained from outlets such as supermarkets, post offices and petrol stations. In order to find out where to buy a card locally, consult the PaysafeCard website. There are 450,000 outlets around the world and cards can also be bought online.

Using a PaysafeCard to deposit in an online casino is very simple. With the purchase of the card, you will also be provided with a 16-digit PIN code. Online casino websites which accept PaysafeCard will have an option to enter the PIN code to make a deposit. You can find this on the Payments or Deposits page of the website. Whilst for other online purchases multiple cards can be combined up to a maximum of €1,000 per transaction, when using online casinos this option is not available. If there is any money left on a card after a transaction it can be used for subsequent payments.

The most obvious advantage of using a PaysafeCard to deposit money in an online casino account is the total security and anonymity it provides – it is essentially like paying cash. Another asset is that it makes it easy to stay within a budget for those who may doubt their self-restraint. Of course, it is only a payment method, so when you get lucky you will have to use an alternative transaction method to claim your winnings.


EntroPay is an online debit card, marketed as a ‘Virtual Visa’, which can be used online anywhere that accepts Visa. It functions exactly the same as any prepaid debit card, in that it can be loaded with money from your bank account or other sources, and it can also be used to receive payments and deposits. The only difference is that there is no need to have a physical piece of plastic. EntroPay offers players a way to instantly deposit or receive money. Another advantage is that users of the EntroPay card are not required to undergo any tiresome credit checks – simply visit the website, create an account and your Virtual Visa will be issued without delay.

Paying in an online casino using EntroPay couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in the form on the payments page with the details of your virtual card, and the money will be available to play with instantaneously. It is also just as easy to claim your prize money from a casino using EntroPay as it is to make a deposit.

EntroPay is the ideal choice of payment method for players who want to make sure they stick to a budget. It is also one of the most widely-accepted payment methods in the online gambling world so it gives players flexibility. As well as the inherent security that comes from using a prepaid debit card, the EntroPay security measures are some of the most stringent of any online payment method. The only disadvantage customers may experience is that EntroPay charges a small percentage when loading the card with money and when receiving payments. However, most users find that the fees are a small price to pay for the ease and security of the service.


Siru Mobile is a mobile phone-based payment option built on the direct carrier billing model. Started in Finland in 2011, Siru currently operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK, with plans for expansion in the future. The payment system is particularly useful for the ever-increasing number of players who prefer to use their mobile devices when using online casinos – although Siru is supported on devices such as tablets and laptops too.

Customers who would like to use Siru to play online do not even need to open an account. All that is needed to use the payment service is a working mobile phone account and a device which can receive SMS. Using your existing mobile phone account, you can validate an online payment to be charged to your next phone bill, up to a maximum of €200 per month.

The validation is achieved by making a simple phone call and using a verification code received via SMS. It is through the phone call that Siru takes a fee. All activity can be viewed from the Siru website. One thing to note is that, whilst Siru can enable refunds in the case of goods or services not being provided, when it comes to playing online casinos Siru is only an option to make deposits. Lucky winners will need an alternative way of claiming their money.


PayPal were pioneers of online payments when they started back in 1998. Since then they have been taken over by eBay and seen increasing competition, but they remain one of the most popular and trusted online payment solutions available. Like Skrill and NETELLER, PayPal is an e-wallet, which means that it is an online account which is attached to a bank account or credit card. It works in a similar manner to other e-wallets, in that customers can use it to send and receive payments, and money can be cashed out to a bank account or credit card. A number of other services are also available, such as an app for mobile payments and the PayPal Access Card, which is the service’s prepaid debit card. PayPal operates all over the world and in 25 different currencies.

PayPal provides a simple platform for depositing or withdrawing funds from online casinos. For all casinos accepting PayPal as a payment option, the process is easy and user-friendly. PayPal has a few advantages as an online payment provider. The two most significant benefits are probably firstly, the outstanding online security the service provides and secondly, the fact that the account and transactions are free to the user. Some fees apply, for example for currency conversion and when transferring money abroad.

It’s no wonder that PayPal have retained their popularity in the face of fierce competition, as they provide fast, secure and easy to use services. They are also backed up by a helpful customer support team who are available 24/7.


Zimpler is another addition to the increasingly popular trend for mobile phone payment solutions for online casinos. Zimpler belongs to the Swedish company Smart Payments Nordic, which was also the parent company of the now-defunct PugglePay. Designed to be a more flexible solution than its predecessor, Zimpler currently serves the same markets of Sweden and Finland, as well as the recent addition of the UK.

Whilst PugglePay worked as an invoicing system, Zimpler is indeed simpler to use and has some unique features that make it an ideal option when playing casino games online. When making a deposit to an online casino, Zimpler users need only a mobile phone number and a deposit method such as a credit card. Using a verification code, you can deposit money via your preferred means of payment, which will depend on where you are and what site you are playing on.

What makes Zimpler stand out from other payment methods is the fact that it is tailored especially to users wishing to make payments to online casino websites. One of the special features allows customers to limit their monthly deposit amount in order to prevent overspending. The budget can be lowered quickly and easily, but a period of a week is required if you want to increase the limit. The service also boasts excellent security, as you don’t need to share your bank details with different websites, and you receive a new verification code whenever you make a deposit.