You may wonder what separates one casino from another. Or you may just be out to find your next no deposit casino bonus. Either way you will find what you are looking for here on We have exclusive offers from the best casinos 2016 and you can have your fair share. We also invite you to read our truthful reviews of these casino sites online, so should you want detailed information about casinos online you have found your new favourite casino site.

Forget about casinos in Vegas, there is little point in planning a trip visit a casino in Las Vegas to satisfy your thirst for playing casino. Nor even casino in Reno or Atlantic City. Virtual casinos online have really evolved into something spectacular. We are on the brink of the VR revolution and with new technology come new opportunities, and the future looks very, very entertaining.

Casinos online 2017

The history of casinos online started in the mid 90´s with the introduction of the internet and the very first platform for online casino gaming. It was Microgaming who was the first one out and they have been in the forefront of developing the industry ever since.

In the late 2000´s the industry saw another invention that would drastically change the environment for online casinos. Do you remember when Apple launched the first iPhone? It quickly became obvious that this technology could also be applied to iGaming and online casinos. And today it is as common for casino players to play on their smartphones and tablet devises (let´s keep it simple and call it mobile devises for mobile casinos) as it is to play on a stationary PC.

The most recent development involves virtual gaming and virtual reality. During the past years Oculus Rift has developed the first VR-set that can be used for commercial purposes. This will be applied to the online casinos and the industry will soon see a brand new way to experience casino entertainment. Could this possibly replace the “Vegas experience”? Most probably not. An actual physical land based casino offer so many more stimulants to excite your senses. With the exception of the half-naked cocktail waitresses, the infused oxygen, the ramble and noise and the fact that you can actually touch and feel things, online casinos is very much the same thing. But it comes with one major benefit tho: Lots of casino bonus! And there are many different types of bonuses for online casinos.

Casino bonuses 2017

Casino bonuses vary in form and function, but the base line is more or less the same – you get more play for your money. This is what jackpot winners do, they improve their chances by giving themselves more tries to achieve what we all dream about.

The most common bonus is the casino welcome bonus. This one usually gives you 100 precent or 200 precent extra money to play with, on top of your own deposit up to a set amount (usually a few hundred euros but sometimes as much as up to a few thousand). This isn´t “free” money tho, it comes with terms and conditions. You can´t simply withdraw the money and make a profit that way. The best casinos offer wagering requirements much lower than the industry standard. If you choose to accept the bonus money you also accept their rules, and that usually states that you agree to play through your deposit and bonus money 35 times. So that´s a good mark for you, you should always read through the rules to find out for yourself.

Real casino bonus no deposit

Another nice thing that many online casinos offer their new players, a so called No deposit casino bonus, often come in the form of no deposit free spins. Just like the name suggests, you get a little bonus for free. The “house” provides a try-out freebee usually consisting of a few free spins or a little sum of money to play for.

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