All online casinos offer their players an array of different bonuses (with the exception of NoBonus Casino) in the form of bonus money, free spins and/ or super spins, cash-back bonus and more.

The thing is that 99.99% of all bonuses come with a wagering requirement. That means that you are legally bound to wager your money or winnings 35 times (industry average) before you’re allowed to withdraw any money from your account.

Free spins is by far the most popular bonus on the market. The notion of spinning the wheels without having to pay for it but still keep all the winnings is alluring. But it is merely a notion because 99.9% of all casinos change your winnings from “free” spins into bonus money that you have to wager. Real free spins are difficult to find, but we at keep close watch on the industry and we know where to find these rarities. They’re actually not that rare, they come in plenty at a handful of casinos. Subscribe to get all the details.


Why play with casino bonus?

The benefit of playing with bonuses is that you get more chances of winning big. Thing is that you have to win really big in order to meet the wagering requirements. It’s happened many times that you win pretty big but end up losing it all due to wagering requirements. Holler in the comments if you’ve been there.

We know of a few casinos that offer their players fair wagering requirements. Read through our reviews below.

Types of casino bonuses

Registration bonus – when you register a new account as a new player (not to be abused) you are treated to a freebie at most online casinos. It’s a little try-out-bonus for you to get a feel for the casino and comes in the form of a bit of money or some free spins. Obviously, there are usually wagering requirements. Even Our fantastic casinos who offer real free spins have conditions on these winnings. Those conditions are not watering requirements of your winnings, but a limit of withdrawal of winnings.

Welcome bonus – every online casino offer their new players a welcome bonus when making their first deposit. The most common type is 100 percent bonus up to €200, also called a “match bonus” because the casino matches your deposit to double your money. You get double the play and double the chances of winning big. And that is what we all want, isn’t it?

Deposit bonus – most bonuses are technically deposit bonuses. You need to deposit to get something in return. These usually come with the casinos promotional emails or from their campaign page. Remember to always read the T&C’s.

Free spins bonus – deposit money to get free spins. These are usually tied to certain slots Check for wagering requirements of your winnings and the limits of withdrawal.

Cash-back bonus – this one is pretty cool. If you make a deposit and lose your money during a certain period you will receive X percent (usually 10 – 20 percent) in return at the end of the period. Say you deposit €100 and you end up losing it all, the casino would then return €10 or €20 (in the usual case mentioned) to your account. In most cases this cash back is about as fake as “free” spins and are tied to a wagering requirement. ALLWAYS read the T&C’s, even if it’s your regular casino different campaigns and promotions may have different requirements.

Recruitment bonus – pretty obvious; recruit a friend and get a bonus. Weei, just remember to read the T&C’s.
We at would like to remind you to always read through the T&C’s when you play with bonuses. And when you sign up with a new casino. And for the financial transactions to and from your casino account. And when you bite on one of the many promotions. The more you know…

Bonus abuse and fraud

Certain countries tend to be keener to abuse the bonus system, that’s why most web casinos have a list of countries that are excluded from playing on the site. That’s pretty harsh, to brush every one over the same comb like that, but it’s true. People from non-excluded countries obviously abuse the system as well, but not to the same extent.

That’s why every online casino has a frauds department. Every registered account is being monitored minutely and any dubious action requires an explanation. And they’re good too, so if you do something fraudulent they will catch you.

There’s a few ways a player can abuse bonuses and act fraudulently. There are ways in which one can play to get around the wagering hazard (subscribe to know more) but event this type of behavior is picked up by the frauds department.

Free spins abuse

Over the years there have been a few methods of abusing free spins. The ingenuity of people knows no limits and every year there’s a new way to cheat the system. Who knows, perhaps we’ll hint about the next time someone clever comes up with a new way. There are many good reasons you should sign up for our news letter, that could be one of them.

But again, this is something that we at do not support and neither do the casinos. Any type of behavior that indicates that you’re trying to cheat the system will alert the casino and you’ll have your account closed. So we recommend that you take your real free spins without wagering and and be satisfied with that, the rules are fair so why cheat…