Play on Slot Machines Online!

There are tons of ways to play online, one very popular form of online gaming is the classic slot machines that today come in a more user friendly form than the classic physical machines of the past. With countless of online casinos and a number of licensing bodies governing these entities, one might be a little dumbfounded initially as to where to play and what to consider before depositing your hard earned money. To play on slot machines online you would want to do some research first, as although these slots might be easy to play, they are all very different and definitely would merit some research. That’s where we come in.

On our site we have made sure to compile the most essential information needed by any person intending to play on slot machines online. First thing to consider is where to play, many online casinos offer a variety of incentives such as deposit bonuses, free spins and other forms of campaigns all designed to offer players more playtime for their money and as we all can decipher – more play times equals a rate of winning.

Moreover, as a player you would want to consider the aspects of the particular online slot as being an important factor to take into account. Things like average return to player rates (RTP), bonus functions, special features, number of pay lines, and even the online slot provider would for example be things to consider. Although to the layman this might sound like jargon it’s really quite simple once you do your research.

Slots with high RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player, this is a way to calculate a percentage of what winnings are returned to the player as a general standard, although this way of determining winnings can also be somewhat confusing as it is not an individual percentage. The way slots with high RTP are beneficial to the individual player is of course an important factor, however a slot having a return rate of 90% or more does not mean you will win 90% of the time. The amount is determined simply by calculating the general return to ALL players. Counting the winnings, contra the losings, all players will not win 90%, although 90% of the money going into the game will be winnings for some players over the long haul.

On the whole, players should look for volatile slots with high RTP values, as it still has a higher chance of providing a return that those with a lower value.

Another way to look at RTP is that it represents the theoretical payout calculated over thousands of spins.

Slots with a progressive jackpot

As you surely have seen or read, now more than ever players are finding themselves hitting jackpots in popular games resulting in a multimillion win, something which as a gamer we obviously dream about. Comparatively speaking, online slots would have a much higher chance of winning than say for example playing the lottery, even if the percentage isn’t super high there are in fact ways to make your chances bigger when playing slots with a progressive jackpot. When spinning you should if possible try and play bigger value spins as these have a bigger chance of triggering the jackpot functions, furthermore they will also increase any regular winning made on the paylines in the progressive jackpot slot.

Also, things like researching when the jackpot was last won and comparing this to the average time between winnings will give you an idea of when a slot is hot or cold. Find our jackpot graph and find out the jackpot percentage as well as the history of wins made on that particular progressive jackpot slot.

Best Online Slots

The obvious question does arise, which are the best online slots and where do I find them? We have done our utmost to compile a list of information as well as trying to send you in the right direction in your journey of finding the online casino of your dreams. There is nothing you can say as to what slot is concretely best, there are different games that offer a variety of functions which can be differently beneficial. At the end of the day a lot will also come down to taste. Certain slots are a lot more profitable, generally speaking most players will want to go with NetEnt games, although this trend is slowly changing as competitive online slots providers are stepping up their game.

Make sure to review our list of recommended online casinos to assure you enter your hunt for the best online slots with the perfect welcome bonus – free from wagering requirements!

Play slots online for free and win real money

We know this might sound too good to be true, but believe it or not it does exist in quite a few online casinos today and your chances of getting something for nothing might be bigger than u initially thought. The best way to play slots online for free and win real money would be to take advantage of a no deposit bonus, these are as the word implies – free money to play with!

Many online casinos offer these as an initiative for players to try out their casino, such as letting people determine if they like the layout of the site. Also, seeing that a casino offers bonuses is a great thing as this gives you the feeling that they take care of their players. This will create a better online gaming environment for you, and ultimately providing you a bigger chance of winning as you will have more money to play with than you would if not using an online casino bonus.

Make sure to review our list of no deposit bonuses to get yours today!