Introduction to Playtech

Playtech is one of the world’s largest online gaming provider and is traded on the London Stock Exchange. They offer the some of the most cutting-edge and award winning gaming software available to the world’s leading operators.

Founded in 1999, in Estonia, they provide software for online casinos, online poker rooms, scratch games, online bingo, online sports betting, live dealer games, mobile gaming, fixed-odds arcades – the lot! They are now the largest international designer, developer and licensor of mobile and web applications to the digital gaming industry.

They have offices in 13 countries, including Isle of Man, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Israel, the Phillippines, Australia, and more.

Their products run on a unified information management system called the IMS. This allows their games to work in cross-platform fashion, also known as “Omni platform gamification”, allowing players to play online, through broadcast, through mobile, and on server based gaming terminals through one single account.

Playtech pride themselves on providing the best and most extensive product range, and to constantly improve the quality of the gaming experience for their players.

Play Playtech Gaming Slots for Free

Playtech offers some of the best online slot games with a huge variety of games designed for any typ of player. There are plenty of ways to play Playtech slots for free, but it’s always best to check out for the latest no deposit free spin bonuses as well as the latest news in the gaming world.

Playtech slots are designed with themes varying from popular films and comics, to sports personalities, to ancient myths and nature. There’s even a Chippendale’s slot for those with an interest in no deposit free spins with a great view. The game features a full intro video with the Chippendale’s dancers onstage beneath neon lights, doing their thing for an adoring audience. The soundtrack features an announcer inviting players into the game akin to the invitation in the club, and the graphics are complete with bow tie symbols.

A radically different game, evidence of Playtech’s substantial breadth, is called The Great Ming Empire, and is a based on exactly what it sounds like. The Ming family was one of the most famous Chinese families, and ruled China from the 14th to the 17th centuries.

Other game themes include Pink Panther, The Three Musketeers, a game based on the longstanding series The Love Boat, Top Gun, and even top Trump Celebs. (We sincerely challenge you to beat this game… make him pay!)

Playtech Progressive Jackpot Slots

Playtech has some fantastic progressive jackpot slots. Currently Sweet Party 10 euros pays out around 1,054,198 euros every 12 days.

Jackpot Giant is another progressive jackpot by Playtech. The last pay out with Jackpot Giant was worth a life-changing 5,889,992 euros.

Beach Life, which had an impressive win of over 8 million euros for a lucky winner, and is hit on average every 26 weeks.

Funky Fruits is a progressive slot game based on a pub fruit machine game and is hit every 11 weeks, with an average win of 2 million euros.

The Gladiator online video progressive slot game pays an average of a substantial million and a half and is one every 12 weeks. This game even won slot machine of the year in 2009, which gave this high paying slot the attention that it deserves.

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder that Playtech is the most comprehensive provider of online gaming solutions.

Play Playtech Progressive Jackpot Slot Free and Win Real Money

With sites like, it’s easy to stay abreast of the latest no deposit free spin bonuses and plenty of chances to play Playtech progressive jackpot slots free and win real money.

We also offer demo versions available for players, and casino operators often have a variety of fantastic no deposit free spin bonuses for new players, as well as promotions for new players.

With jackpots reaching life-changing heights in the millions, like in Beach Life, and Fruits, players have got nothing to lose with all the no deposit free spin bonuses!

Playtech Slots RTP and Pay Out

Playtech offers competitive RTP rates to keep players interested. Aside from their impressive portfolio of progressive jackpot games, their slot machine rates are pretty great. Their A Night Out Slot offers an RTP of 97.06%, while Dr. Lovemore offers 97.01%. Desert Treasure offers a pay out rate of 97.05%, while Rome and Glory offers an RTP of 96.08%. For more, be sure to check out for more news!

Playtech slots for iPad and Smartphone

Because Playtech is at the forefront of mobile development, they offer some of the most well rounded and comprehensive mobile solutions available. Their mobile division was developed in 2012, Mobenga, and has over 300 mobile developers, and is aptly named the Mobile Hub.

Mobile Hub is an open framework and built on HTML5 technology. It’s designed to provide players with the most seamless user experience playing their favourite games on the go. Their software works well on web browsers and all HTML5 ready devices, which means that players can use tablets and phones, including iPhones, iPads, and Androids, freely.

Playtech New slots

Playtech release new games regularly, one of which is called Space Invaders. The game has a pulpy space invader theme, complete with green flying saucers, a purple ogre, graphics of alien planets, and pixelated character symbols. The vintage dashboard design is based on an arcade and offers auto play and turbo button. Every spin leads to a green gun at the bottom of the screen fired at the pixelated invader symbols, and the player’s job is to destroy the invaders while racking up major wins. The game has 10 pay lines, and bets reaching up to 200 euros a spin. We played the demo version and got 1,600 euros on the first spin! For more, be sure to check out for the latest news in slot and gaming news, as well as up to date no deposit free spin bonuses from all of your favourite providers!