How do you go about to find a new casino? Do you just google it? Or do you take some time to read about potential prospects? The latter is the recommended way to go. By researching casinos and reading reviews you will find out if the casino is worthwhile. Most reviews are just empty words to fill out the page, but the reviews here at are in-depth and address every aspect of the casino. While other casino guides focus on bonuses and large amount of free spins, we highlight the T’s & C’s and the fine print. Our aim is to help make everything transparent and clear so that you won’t have to sit there with a big win of €10 000 only to have to wager €20 000… Did you read our “Welcome” page? We really mean all that. So please, take your time to find a really good one. All casinos that we promote have met the minimum requirements, they all offer fair bonuses and real free spins, but some are better than others and some simply suits your preferences.

What to consider before trying a new casino

To find a casino that suits you and your preferences you need to consider a few things. Do you prefer to play slots online or classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, or any other of the very many games available? How about Live Casino? That’s fun! To sit around a table with other players and a live dealer instead of pushing a button on a machine all alone. It gives a different type of experience and depending on your preference you should use different types of bonuses.

One thing you should consider before choosing a new casino is what types of bonuses are available. Depending on what you like to play at the casino, different types of bonuses gives your different benefits.
If you prefer playing table games chances are that you’ll prefer cash back bonuses or top up bonuses. Like really, what why would you want free spins if you don’t even enjoy playing on slots? Would you prefer a large bonus percentage or a large bonus sum? Bonuses with very high percentage tend to come with higher wagering requirements too.
Are you a fan of slot machines? In that case you should look at free spins bonuses, what’s the value for each spin? What are T&C’s regarding withdrawal of winnings? Do you have to wager the winnings? Is there a maximum amount of money that you’re allowed to withdraw?

Another thing to consider is the internal customer management systems. Like how’s the support working out, is it easy to find and are the workers there friendly and helpful? How fast do they process withdrawals? What methods of depositing and withdrawing money are available? Most casinos online will accept a long list of payment methods, but when it comes to withdrawing money they only accept a few of the most used alternatives.

What’s the web site like in general? Is it neat and tidy and easy to navigate or is it a mess where everything is difficult to find? Do they offer games with progressive mega jackpots? Do you play mobile casino at all? Some operators have managed to create stunning mobile friendly web sites while others only put together the bare minimum.

We reckon that it’s always a better indicator to look beneath the surface of a casino in order to determine weather or not it is worth a go. The “surface” being the bonuses, but what the casino is like should be more important than what bonuses are up for grabs. Obviously you’ll make your own choice one way or another, but reading our reviews here will give you a great start!

We call the casino business a jungle, and it really is. There are literally too many casinos to keep track on them all. But this is our job, we do it so that you can do yours and won´t have to bother to put in the thousands of hours of reading through lengthy texts to find out what the casino is about. We do that so you can get straight to the action, armed and ready to be the best casino player you can be. Beat the odds and send us a bottle of scotch when you win big!

It is really comfortable to play casino online 2016, you can even paly casino in your phone. Play casino on smartphone, tablets and your mobile devices and enjoy a customised casino experience. There are not many gaming sites that create their own app for playing casino. Most of them settle for adjusting their websites to fit the smaller formats and weaker processors comparing net casinos and mobile casinos.

Enjoy our list of the best casinos online 2017.

Mobile casino 2017

One of the most convenient things about playing online casino these days is the technological advancements in the recent years. As long as we have access to the internet we can access the world, online casinos included. You can play mobile casino anywhere in you mobile phone or tablet. This is very convenient when you´re out and about or out travelling. We find ourselves often in a position to kill some time. Say you´re on a train or bus or waiting in line at some government department or something similar.

One thing that differs to some degree is the amount of slot machines that are available. This has nothing to do with the casino, but rather the gaming provider, the slot makers. Since online casino has been around since the mid-90´s and smartphones only broke through about a decade later, let´s just say that it isn´t worth the while to re-make those old games into mobile friendly versions.

Some casino slot providers have since long created their games and released a desktop version and a mobile version simultaneously, I mean NetEnt and Microgaming first and foremost, but also newer punters on the market like Play N´ Go, IGT and Playtech.

Casino apps 2017

Playing mobile casino is a bit different from the desktop version. The desktop web site needs scaling down and to have unnecessary banners removed along with other widgets that take up processor performance and screen size. The mobile version of an online casino is simply a more manageable version but you still have full functionality. Well, that is the aim. Only the biggest casinos bother creating designated casino apps of 2016. The vast majority settle for adjusting their desktop version, which in our opinion is very handy. No need to clutter your phone your tablet with a bunch of apps you´ll only rarely use.

Unless you absolutely want a casino app, don’t bother. Just pull out your mobile device, open up the browser and type in the web address and voilà.

Find the best casinos

What are you looking for when you´re looking for “the best casino online”? Do you know what type of player you are? You must ask yourself whether you like playing with bonuses or without. Do you prefer getting several more chances of winning big or do to prefer playing with your own money only and lose that dreadful wagering requirement?  And what about free spins, do you like them? Are you looking for super free spins 2016? If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a super free spins, please see the following section, “casino free spins 2016”.

If you already know what type of player you are, then please, read our honest casino reviews. We´ll highlight what you need to know to make a fully informed decision. What are the wagering requirement for casino bonus and free spins? Is the customer support enjoyable to deal with or are they retards? In our humble opinion, there are a lot of factors that need to be fulfilled to make up the best casinos 2016.

Casino free spins 2017

Free spins is one of the favourite terms to a true casino player. To spin the wheels without having to bet any of your own money is a brilliant feeling.

Super free spin

This is a new term that came about in the middle of 2015. One of the gaming providers, Yggdrasil Gaming, thought of this new type of free spin, and it is about to change the online casino market.

A super free spins is still a free spin, but it can hold certain attributes. Some casinos will give them away as regular spins but with a much higher value than a normal free spins (which usually is worth 20 cents per spin). Value spins of €25 and €30 are common for a super spin. Some casinos chose to activate the special function that Yggdrasil built into the system. This special function will let you spin until you activate a special function within the game, i.e. free spins rounds or bonus spins (which will usually always guarantee a decent win), and basically ensure you a nice win. “Sure win free spin” is another term used for it.

What constitutes the “best casino online”?

The best online casino is, to us here at, the casino that offers their players the most beneficial terms and conditions for bonuses while at the same time excels in the support. And to be fair, all our casinos on this web site are of highest standard in these aspects. So go through our lists to find your own favorite casino among the best in the industry.

Again, it is all about your own preferences. We enjoy playing on slot machines with progressive mega jackpots from time to time. Especially when they’re “hot” and ready and ripe to pay out that large sum that every player dreams of. So to us the best casino would be offering all of the major titles with the biggest jackpots and offers plenty of free spins bonuses on these slots.

Different types of casinos

How to classify a casino depends on the person again. We could divide casinos into four different categories, or we could divide them into two or many other classifications. We could go “fair casinos” and “unfair casinos”. Or “casinos with adventure or story”, “freespins casinos”, “casinos with no bonuses”, and “table game casinos”. There are many different ways one can do this, but ultimately it is about fairness and that is why we here at do what we do.