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Play Playtech Jackpot Giant slot

Playtech’s Jackpot Giant progressive jackpot slot is a well-designed popular slot machine that allows players to win big with relatively small bets, which has of course added to its popularity.

Jackpot Giant is a 5-reel slot machine game with 50 pay lines, and was released in January of 2014. The theme is that of a giant on a beautiful island. The character design reminds us of every jolly bearded man who has ever played rugby or done Crossfit, except this guy is covered in what looks like Greek influenced jewelry, and likes to add swirls into his beard. The intro is beautifully done, and features a video of the giant walking along an idyllic mountain setting and coming upon a gold coin. He picks up the coin and flips it, on a whim, into one of the (several) volcanoes in the distance. The coin lands inside the rim of one of the volcanoes. As he turns to walk away, there’s a rumble, and the then the volcanoes suddenly all erupt, overflowing with gold coins! Jackpot!

The games reels are designed just as well. The symbols are colorful, the reels transparent, and the background serene. The soundtrack is cheerful and influenced by the tropics. The quality of the design of this game makes the level of development resources put into it quite obvious, which bodes well, considering that this slot offers some serious gold winning potential.

Jackpot Giant slot statistics

Considering that Jackpot Giant is a bit of a newcomer on the market, and that the wins tend to go into the seven figure territory, we’d say that the slot statistics are not too shabby. The average progressive jackpot win ends up being about 5,890,360 pounds, which is great.

The game itself has a reasonable rate, with smaller wins coming in regularly. The slot features wilds and scatter symbols as well as bonus games that increase the chance to win. The progressive may be a little higher of a mountain to climb, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it! The way to make yourself eligible is to bet on all 50 lines at all times, otherwise you won’t get to take part in the jackpot drawing.

A few tips to increase your chances of winning; firstly, make sure to definitely activate all 50 lines at all times. When you play multiple lines, it’s like playing multiple games. If you activate only one or two pay lines, you have only one or two possibilities for winning. If you activate all 50, you have 50 ways to win, so your spins are worth more.
Secondly, be sure to look for casinos that offer great bonus deals for whatever game you choose to play. To some players this maybe be a forgettable consideration, but it’s important and could contribute to your chances of winning, especially because with most introductory bonuses you’re playing with the casino’s money, not your own.

Get Jackpot Giant no deposit bonus

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Play Jackpot Giant for free

It’s easy to play Jackpot Giant for free. One way is to play the live demo available directly on this review page. Casinos will often offer new and returning players free spins and other bonuses. This is great, because it means that players have the opportunity to play – and win – without spending a single cent!

This serves as way for casinos to introduce new players to games, as well as make sure that returning players have something new to try with little to no risk. So it’s quite easy to play Jackpot Giant for free!

Jackpot Giant free spins

It’s quite easy to get no deposit free spins for Jackpot Giant. Checking out RealFreeSpin.com will definitely help players identify and make use of the latest free spin offers. There are plenty of online casinos that will offer no deposit free spins, and it’s important to choose the right offer, because those free spins could make all the difference to a winning round!

Jackpot Giant Bonus Game

Jackpot Giant has a great bonus game to offer, along with awesome extra features. The Giant Bonus (aptly named) consists of a bonus round in which players need to select three of the six volcanoes to claim their prize. There are extra components to the choice in that some of the volcanoes contain ‘extra pick’ or ‘win em’ all’ markers, which means that players get even more explosive winnings!

There’s also, obviously, the extra features like the wild symbol and the scatter. The wild replaces any other symbol to create more winning combinations for every spin. It also is what will activate the progressive jackpot.

To hit the jackpot, players have to hit five wild symbols on the first pay line. Then, all bets are off and you’re overflowing in coins! The scatter is represented by a bunch of gold coins. Three scatter symbols will multiply your total bet by five, four scatters will multiply your bet by 50, and five scatter symbol will multiply your total bet by a whopping 500 times! Sound pretty hot to us!

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