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Think about it, every time you read about a big win you just feel a rush and a thought of ‘why not me?’ Well, you’re right – why not you? You will never win if you never play, and particularly when considering NetEnt jackpots such as Hall of Gods, your chances are a lot bigger than you might initially think.

The probability of winning the lottery is a miniscule number, but playing an online progressive jackpot slot gives you a much higher probability and has many recorded wins. A player can review exactly how frequently these progressive jackpots have been hit and when you should play them to have the highest chance of taking home a big win.hall of gods progressive jackpot slot netent

Also, considering the fact that many progressive jackpots online also offer bonuses, you even have a chance of raking home a life changing win playing with what is essentially – free money. These bonuses would either come in the form of free spins, deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses. The difference between the aforementioned bonuses is somewhat self-explanatory. Free spins are free rounds in a specific slot which would be pre-set to a certain amount. Deposit bonuses add a percentage based on the amount deposited and will typically double the amount of money deposited while simultaneously adding certain conditions to the bonus money played with. No deposit bonuses are typically just free money to be played within slots which as deposit bonuses will include a wagering requirement.

If you are new to online slot gaming, playing Hall of Gods progressive jackpot slot will be a good place to start if you are the kind of player that likes to go for a glory win as opposed to working your fortune up. You might be spending a lot of time trying to hit the jackpot, but judging by the history of the slot and the sheer amount of winnings others have stumbled upon while casually spinning, who could resist giving it a go?

Obviously, there are no specific tactics to keep in mind when playing the Hall of Gods progressive jackpot slot, although there are some factors which could contribute to you having a higher chance of hitting the jackpot. For instance, waiting and playing Hall of Gods only during the hot period where it is likely to score judging by how the jackpot has performed historically. You can track the average hit frequency of the video slot which also tell you when the last time the jackpot was hit. This obviously lets you determine for yourself when to play to have the biggest chance of raking home a win.

Keeping this in mind allows you as a player to be smart and strategize regarding how you play this slot, as with any jackpot slot, you increase your chance of hitting a jackpot by betting a higher amount per spin as opposed to playing low value spins. To have the best chance of stepping away with a life changing win you would want to increase your bet value and ultimately play as close to the average hit date as possible, obviously there is no such thing as a full proof plan but this will definitely give you the best possible chance of raking home a win.

Get Hall of Gods no deposit bonus

Some online casinos will offer a no deposit bonus as to act of a sort of incentive to try out their site, giving you the opportunity to play for real money and have a genuine chance of winning without actually investing any of your hard earned cash. Make sure you check our list of casino bonuses to assure you aren’t missing out on the free action!

Although Hall of Gods no deposit bonuses are rare, they are not unheard of. Be aware that some bonuses come with terms and conditions which could mean you might not be eligible to claim the jackpot while playing with a bonus, so it might be better to deposit in these cases to ensure you don’t end up in the nightmare situation of actually hitting the jackpot and not being able to claim it.

Hall of Gods free spins

When playing at online casinos it is common to stumble upon free spins, which are fairly self-explanatory. It involves players getting free rounds on a video slot, acting as an extra free chance to hit a win.

You can find Hall of Gods free spins at a number of places, check out our lists here on RealFreeSpin.com to find the most relevant offers.

Also, should there be a new slot release then there will most likely come some free spins to go along with the offer. Free spins are a great way to either add an extra boost to your bankroll or give you the opportunity to try out a new slot to determine if it is a game you would like to play or not.

Hall of Gods Bonus Game

When playing the Hall of Gods progressive jackpot, you will have the opportunity to hit the bonus game, here is where you can hit one of three jackpots that the game offers. Depending on if you are a gambler or not, you can choose to continue and go for the big win as opposed to taking the smaller wins. To activate the Hall of Gods bonus game, the player is required to hit three bonus symbols in sequence to enter the bonus game, these can land on any payline and will take you to the bonus game instantly.