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Play NetEnt Mega Fortune slot

Who doesn’t want to end up hitting the big jackpot? It’s every gambler’s dream, and the most frequently hit jackpot in any existing slot game is of course when playing Netent’s Mega Fortune slot! There is a list of players who have hit the lucky big numbers on Mega Fortune and whom vouch for its hit frequency, although keep in mind that the highest chance of winning is when spinning with big bets.

Where to play NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot you ask? If you are a seasoned casino player, you will already know that just about every online casino will offer an array of NetEnt video slots, as these are considered among some of the most popular games and have offered many an hour of entertainment to gamblers. You will find Mega Fortune in just about every popular online casino that exists, and from here the fun can begin! If you want to play NetEnt slots with bonuses, please find our bonus list with fair bonuses.

For new players, the allure of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune will become very apparent very quickly, as it’s a very engaging slot which offers many hours of entertainment and is a proven entity in the online gaming community. The allure we are speaking of becomes more apparent when you review the history of big wins achieved in Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune slot statistics

When considering the average hit frequency of this progressive jackpot slot, it is without a doubt one of the most frequently hit jackpot of all and pays out on average the biggest amount of all progressive NetEnt jackpots. Paying out an average amount of roughly €3,375,000 and offering an average hit frequency of 60 day intervals, this is the slot you want to play if you are looking for an exciting jackpot slot. Again, an absolutely astounding amount of money which would give any gamer the possibility to achieve their wildest dreams.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand exactly how and why Mega Fortune from Netent has reached the level of popularity it has, there is ample opportunity to chase that big time win and the game’s mechanics allow for a gaming session unlike no other, where even if you might not hit the big jackpot at that particular moment, will leave you with hours of entertainment!

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Mega fortune no deposit bonus

There are some online casinos offering Mega fortune no deposit bonuses, however these are few and in between as there are more popular slots on the market of which players generally will request free spins for. This is not to say that it is impossible, Mega fortune no deposit bonuses have occurred and do exist at some casinos at the moment, make sure to check our list of no deposit bonuses available at our approved online casinos, although keep in mind that some online casinos also offer no deposit bonuses which are spendable in any online slot game, so should you stumble upon any of these you can of course make use of them in Mega Fortune.

Play Mega Fortune for free

If you wish to play Mega Fortune for free, there are a number of affiliate and casino sites which will offer you special deals in terms of Mega Fortune free spins, giving you a chance to potentially hit the big jackpot without spending a single cent! You can do this by using no deposit free spins for Mega Fortune or just the average free spins bonus. Free Spins are pretty self-explanatory, they are a free rounds offered by casinos to give you a taste of their site as well as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the game in question, they are a common entity in the online casino world and you will no doubt stumble upon them at any given time scouring the internet for the right casino and slot!

You can also play the demo version of the slot above.

Mega Fortune free spins

You will also encounter a number of in game bonus features to further progress your possibility of winning in the Mega Fortune slot, such as scatter symbols, mega fortune free spins and wild substitution symbols as well as the triple jackpot bonus game, where you have the potential of raking home millions described above. All of these bonus features are activated through certain actions occurring during the game as explained below.

When hitting three or more scatter symbols on any pay line, you will activate the free spins bonus round and have the chance to win during free play rounds. The Mega Fortune free spins are played on the same number of pay lines, level and coin value as the round in which the bonus round was activated. So, should you have betted a big spin during the time you hit the aforementioned three scatter symbols, you will have the opportunity to hit the bigger wins during the free spins round.

Mega Fortune Bonus Game

When hitting three or more of the Mega Fortune Bonus game symbols in succession from the utmost left to the right or on any active pay line, you will have activated the bonus game! Again, here is where the jackpot size as well as the amount betted will correlate and determine the chance of you hitting the jackpot. Also, keep in mind that this bonus round can be activated during the Mega fortune free spins round and in that case will be determined as per the betted amount which activated the free spins.

You will have three different bonus wheels to complete before raking home the big jackpot, you will progress from a bronze wheel until the final gold wheel and can stop at any of the wheels to collect a sizable win or decide to continue and chase the big win.